The Peace Treaty
The Peace Treaty
The Peace Treaty

The Peace Treaty

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There is a political power vacuum in the lands of Parabell, with 5 factions battling to seize power! The Waltzing Workers' Party, The Moping Monarchists, Disliked Democrats, The Lawless Lobbyists and Flamboyant Fascists each think they have a claim to lead but who will reign supreme?

Players will maneuver troops, use unethical tactics and vote on bills each round affecting how the game scores each round until one political party siezes ultimate control.

Strategy, bluffing, bargaining and political promises every round there is never a dull moment in The Peace Treaty! A fantastically designed game with great rules it is easy to pick up and play but has enough depth and variety to keep you coming back for more!

This is the first game designed and published by Fun Gui Games an Australian based game design company, they are one to watch with more titles in the works!



Players : 2-5

Time : 60-120 Min

Age : 14+

Difficulty : Easy / Moderate