Pandemic Legacy - Season 0
Pandemic Legacy - Season 0

Pandemic Legacy - Season 0

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Pandemic Legacy - Season 0

You think you have felt the weight of every decision you make impacting the world.. Not like this you haven't!

The year is 1962 and the Cold War is in full swing as a new threat looms on the horizon, Soviet scientists have been developing a new bioweapons code name MEDUSA.

What has all this got to do with you? You and your friends slip into the role of medical graduates who have been recruited by the CIA to use your skills to investigate the Soviet threat. Using a number of aliases you will travel the globe investigating test sight, eliminating Soviet agents and most importantly stemming the flow of MEDUSA. 

Game Play 

Taking up roles as agents each turn your team will need to juggle travelling the world to eliminate the ever-growing number of Soviet agents, build safe houses, recruit a specialist team, even steaming the spread of MEDUSA. On top of all this, you also are given objectives for each game which you need to attempt to complete.

100% cooperative Pandemic will have you discussing and debating tactics each turn and at times these tactics will make or break the mission! If successful in the juggling of all the elements you will complete your assigned mission and live to see another day.

Unique Features

Where Pandemic Legacy - Season 0 really shines is in its name. While it may be a confusing statement allow me to explain, this is a "legacy" game, which brings a whole other element to the table.

Think of it as an episodic style game, it is broken down into 12 months, each month being a playthrough of the game. With each play through elements of the game change, there are new rules, abilities added to your aliases and challenging elements brought to the game board.

Each of your decisions, and missions successes or failures impact the landscape of your future games, often not just a little but a lot! Which adds another level of engagement and tension when making those vital decisions!

Game Information

Pandemic Legacy - Season 0 is a 2-4 player game, I am playing it with my wife which has been excellent, I would recommend that you play it with the same group of people for maximum effect and buy-in seeing it through from start to finish.

Each playthrough or "month" is around 60min though may take a little longer if you have 4 players. While it is recommended 14+ we think 12+ is fair.

It is a moderate learning curve, and we strongly recommended taking your time when you first open the box to read everything. It can seem as though there is a lot going on with elements that say don't open this, don't read that but once you get through the practice mission you will be all over it!

Final Thoughts

It took me a while to get over the fact the I was being instructed to put permanent stickers on my game board, to scratch off elements of my alias passport and even to throw away cards as the are no longer need.

But what offers is an experience like no other. You truly feel as though every decision you make will change the game and it does! It is an ever-evolving experience, which will have you engaged from the moment you read the intro mission briefing.

I have played plenty of regular Pandemic which by its own right has a level of buy-in and tension, this game, however, is next level. I cant wait to play the next month!

Players : 2-4

Time : 60 Min

Age : 14+

Difficulty : Moderate