Gamez Knight - Dungeons & Dragons Ticket 23/07/2022

Gamez Knight - Dungeons & Dragons Ticket 23/07/2022

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Gather your companions, polish your armour, sharpen your sword and read over your spells... It's time to go on an adventure!!
That's right we are hosting our second Dungeons & Dragons event!! Continue your adventure or if you are new to the world of adventuring begin a story of your very own!

Purchasing this ticket will ensure you have a place at a table and a part in the adventure, as well as pizza for lunch!!
Whether you are heading out on your very first quest or a seasoned adventurer we have something for you as we delve into the Storm Kings Thunder Adventure!
We will be using the Adventures League system. For those who are unfamiliar with the format, it is an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons which is designed for organised play! It caters for new and experienced players alike and is especially good as it is structured in chapters/episodes so each session is one chapter. This means that if you miss a session or want to join you can more or less jump in on the chapter that is running that session.
For new players, we will have experienced dungeon masters to run you through the basics and your very first session. We will also have pre-made characters ready for you to choose from to make it easier for you to get into playing your first session. After your first session, you are welcome to create your own character or continue with your premade one!
For experienced players, you are welcome to use a pre-made character or you can make your own, using a standard stat array, the AL guide to character creation is available below.
You can come by yourself, with some family or friends, and dive into the adventure!
We aim to provide a family-friendly and fun D&D experience in an inclusive and friendly environment.
Player Resources :
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We hope you can come roll with us!