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Giraffes, hippos, lions and camels are all in danger and need help getting to the other side of the raging river. The animals know they can only cross the river bridge one at a time and they need to travel in the proper order so that they all arrive safely on the other side.

With 60 puzzles and 5 different levels of difficulty (from beginner to advanced), each logic puzzle requires players to solve the correct sequence in order to remove all of the wooden animal figures from the game board.

AnimaLogic can either be played solo or as a group. If played as a group, everyone is working on the same puzzle together which makes it a co-operative game rather than a competition. Co-operative games are great for learning teamwork, compromise and communication skills as well as for building your child’s confidence.

Players : 1-6

Time : 20+ Min

Age : 5+

Difficulty : Easy