About Gamez Knight

We're Gamez Knight and while new to the board game retail space but we have been in board games for many years. We will be bring this experience and passion to you!

We believe in bridging the gap between friendly local gaming stores and online stores. A place where you can get real play information from our experienced team's reviews as you would in store, with the convenience of shopping online.

I started Gamez Knight because I know I can't always make it to my friendly local gaming store (FLGS), ordering online is often an easier option however I found a disconnect from the shopping experience. Customers should be able to get the FLGS experience anywhere and we are here to provide it.

We believe that half the fun is the epic victories and down to the wire defeats you experience at the table, however sometimes finding the people to fill a table or getting the right games can be a challenge. This is why I am looking forward to our future Gamez Knight events where you will be able to come with with friends or meet like minded gamers, select from our library of games and create some epic tales!

I'd personally like to invite your to take a look around the store, check out our weekly featured product which will have a real play information provided by one of our team. Check out our blogs, and follow us on socials for updates as the come through! If there are any titles you would like to see play reviewed please don't hesitate to Contact Us with your suggestions!