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June 2471, and kerosene - KERO - is scarce. Two clans are struggling to survive, exploring New Territories in their tanker trucks. Running out of fuel is a risk each time they leave camp! Fortunately, a local tribe of Tuareks can lend a helping hand….

Kero is a two-player game set in a Mad Max-style future where clans compete for territory and fuel! You control 7 explorers and your trusty fuel truck, each turn you attempt to collect as many resources and expand your territories as much as possible while using as little Kero as possible.

I have to say I love Kero, as soon as we played one round it jumped into my top 5 two-player games. The setting/feel of the theme is great, and the gameplay/mechanics are fast-paced and stress-inducing. 

Each round you collect resources by rolling dice and you can keep rerolling until you get the combination you need.. however, your fuel truck is also a sand timer that runs while you roll, if you run out of fuel before you finish all the dice are lost and you'll need to refuel next turn. When you refuel you tip your timer back to refresh it however your opponent is furiously rolling dice to prevent you from completing your refuel!

This game is furiously fast fun, and never has a dull moment!

Players : 2

Time : 30+ Min

Age : 8+

Difficulty : Easy / Moderate