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You're a farmer with a wooden shack, a spouse, a field and a dream. You have the land now you have to decide what to do with it! Gather resources, expand your home, grow your family, plant some crops and breed livestock, all while making sure you have enough food to keep your family fed else you might need to go begging!

Agricola is a challenging but fun game, it certainly pushes into the moderate to challenge bracket in terms of gameplay, but once you get your head around the setup and turn sequence it flows very smoothly. 

The board layout and mountain of wooden meeples for everything from timber and clay to sheep and pumpkins make for both a tactile and visual game.

We find it so satisfying when you get some card combos working and in the harvest round collecting the bounty from your toils! 


Players : 1-4

Time : 40-120 Min

Age : 12+

Difficulty : Moderate / Challenging