Pass The Pugs
Pass The Pugs

Pass The Pugs

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Scoop up those pugs and roll them like doggy dice, score their landing and gain points!! Will it be a Play Dead or Faceplant, Snoozer or Puppy Love, Canine Combo or Bummer, Pooped Out or Doggy Style!? Will you risk it and roll again, or pass the pugs? 


Pass the Pugs is a variant on the fun and easy to learn, push your luck game Pass the Pigs with a doggy twist!

Each player takes a turn at tossing the pugs, depending on how the dogs land will determine that throw scores! Now comes the crucial moment, do you bank your points and Pass the Pugs or show canine courage risk the points throw the Pugs again in the hope to gain more points?!

Play continues through all players until one player is crowned top dog when their score reaches 100 points!! 

Such a simple but fun game, the rules are super straight forward as is the scoring, kids will love it, and I am sure an inventive mind could turn it into a drinking game.

The construction of the pugs means they can be played on any flat surface making it great as a travel game or something to play on the coffee table with friends.

This pack includes everything you need, 2 pugs, pencils, score sheets, scoring card and rules all tucked into a pocket-sized container.

I am a sucker for this game, as I love to push my luck which can lead to either epic victory or as is more often the case a crushing defeat at the hands of my wife.

Players: 1-Many

Time: 10 - 20 Min

Age: 5+

Difficulty: Easy