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Tapple, a simple concept executed well, making it fun for players of all ages!

Start the round by drawing a category card, once you slam down the red button you have 10 seconds to say a word that matches the category, flick down the corresponding letter key, hit the red button again and pass it on! If the time runs out you are out for the round, last player standing wins.

Sounds pretty simple you might be thinking, I laugh in your general direction as when the pressure is on and the category is fish you'll flounder like I did the first time we played!

Tapple includes both easy and challenging categories allowing for integrated play with people of all ages, whether it be a party of friends or a family games night Tapple will bring just the right combination of tension and fun!

Players : 2-10

Time : 20 - 30Min

Age : All 

Difficulty : Easy