Sh!t Happens - Too Sh!tty For Work Edition

Sh!t Happens - Too Sh!tty For Work Edition

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Explore the Sh!ttier side of the workweek with Sh!t Happens - Too Sh!tty For Work Edition!!

A panel of expert have presented with 200 really sh!tty work-related events and after much deliberation rated them from 0-100. Each player is given 4 cards to start their Sh!t Scale of crappy occurrence and each turn they are presented with something Sh!tty, and have to decide where that fits in their scale, if they guess correctly they keep the card, if they fail the next player takes a guess!

Correctly rank 10 cards and you win!! This fantastically foul game can be played by itself or with the other titles within the Sh!t Happens range. 

Perfect for parties, big or small, this game will have everyone rolling around in laughter as some situations are all too relatable.. 



Players : 2-99

Time : 20-60 Min

Age : 16+

Difficulty : Easy