The Resistance

The Resistance

In a dystopian future, the government is all-powerful and corrupt to the core, yet despite this hope remains as a small resistance has been building. The time is now for the resistance to strike, launching a series of daring missions to bring the government to its knees.

Unfortunately, government spies have infiltrated the ranks of the resistance ready to sabotage their carefully crafted plans. A single spy can make or break a resistance mission so you must choose your strike teams carefully, or lose this opportunity forever.

Will the resistance be able to uncover the spies in time to be able to complete their missions, or will the government squash the resistance beneath its boot heel.

Game Play

The Resistance is a social deduction party game, in which players for a group of resistance fighters strike out at the corrupt government attempting to overthrow it. But little do they know that within their ranks some players will be government spies sent to sabotage these strikes.

Players are given a set of vote token and dealt one character card at random which they check secretly to determine their allegiance. A leader for the round will be selected at random and now the deduction and deception begins!!

Before the first mission, the leader will follow a script,

“Everyone close your eyes”

“Spies open your eyes. Spike look around and make sure you know all the other Spies”

“Spies close your eyes.”

“Everyone open your eyes”

You don’t know tension until this moment, everyone is eyeing each other off as a potential mole, who do you trust?!

The way each round works is pretty straight forward, on the mission tableau is printed the required number of agents for each mission. The mission leader decides who they would like to send, they can choose any player including themselves, issuing the selected players with a Team Token.

The leader can make this decision completely on their own or the team can debate their suspicions effecting the leaders’ choices. Once the team is selected all players secretly select a vote token either approve or reject, then as one everyone reveals their vote. If the vote is successful (majority wins) the mission team departs for the mission, if it fails the current leader is supplanted, the next player takes on the role and nominates their selection for the mission team.

If the mission team is rejected 5 times then the Spies succeed in sowing the seeds of distrust and the mission the round goes to them.

Once a team has been approved each player on the team is given a set of Mission Success cards, they secretly decide if they assist in the success or sabotage of the mission, placing the appropriate card face down in front of them. Once everyone has decided the mission leader collects the cards shuffles them and reveals the results one at a time.

If all the mission cards are successes the mission is completed and the resistance strikes a might blow against the government moving one step closer to overthrowing it taking the round. However… if but one result comes back as a fail the spies have disrupted the mission and it fails, bringing them one step closer to squashing the resistance.

After the missions collect Mission Success cards and Team Tokens, then pass the leader token to the next player ready for the next mission.

Now the deception and deduction begin!! Who was sent on the mission? Did it succeed? Why did it fail? Who is responsible? Who do you trust?

Play continues until there has been either three successful (resistance wins) or three failed missions (spies victory!).

Game Information

The Resistance can be played with 5 to 10 players, all numbers of players are highly entertaining, however, more players definitely makes for more shenanigans! We have found rounds usually last between 20-30 mins, though this will very much depend on how much debate there is on mission teams and how quickly the resistance approves the nominated teams.

It is suggested for players 14+ however we think that 10+ players would be able to grasp the game concept pretty easily and if played with the right group could have a lot of fun.

Final Thoughts

This game is… ridiculously fun, especially when played with a big group of friends / family. The tension is often palpable as players debate their case, why they should be going on the selected for a mission or why someone else shouldn’t be.

I have some very fond memories of playing this game with 10 people, flying under the radar as an agent throwing missions while convincing my fellow players that I am totally pro resistance, down with the government!! 

It’s also hilarious watching people who know trying to be deceptive, you can see the stress on their face as they are telling porkies, and later revealing their watch recorded a spike in their heart rate during the round.

While similar to other social deduction games one of the highlights in The Resistance is that players are not eliminated, even if revealed or suspected as a spy you can still debate team choices and cast your votes to try and protect other spies.

This is a fantastic game for all ages, and with such streamlined gameplay, players really need no previous gaming experience to get into it. In fact, we have found that people new to games often want to play again and again as its such fun. 

There are few things more satisfying in a game of The Resistance than revealing yourself as a traitor at the end of the game to everyone's shock or spending the entire game defending yourself as a loyal resistance fighter, no one believing you and revealing you were a freedom fighter all along.

No two games of The Resistance will ever be the same, so trust no one and stay true to your cause!!


- Alex

Gamez Knight Founder


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