Hey, That's My Fish!!

Hey, that’s my fish!

It’s a chilly day in the Arctic and a big wave has washed a load of fish onto the ice, you are eyeing off 3 juicy fish laying on the ice in front of you, licking your lips at the prospect of a tasty lunch.

Suddenly another penguin slides across in front of you scooping up the fish and cutting you off. Hey, that’s my fish!



Game Play

Hey, that’s my fish! Is a fast-paced tile game where you direct your sliding penguins across the tiles to collect the tile and number of fish listed on the tile you started your turn on.

The game setup is very simple: just shuffle the tiles then place them in rows then depending on how many players there are players grab the appropriate number of penguins (4, 3 or 2 more players less penguins). Starting with the youngest player going clockwise everyone takes turns placing their penguins. Then the shenanigans begin!

Turns have 2 steps, move and collect. Move one of your penguins as far as you like in a straight line, then collect the tile which you started your turn on adding it to your pile, next players their turn and so on.

Once all penguins can no longer move they are removed and fish are tallied and the penguin with the most fish wins!

Simple.. I hear you say.. Yeah.. but nah.. The fun lies in the strategy, as you collect fish you can manipulate the playing space making it easier for you and harder for your opponents. It is pretty satisfying when you can cut someone off on a small pile of ice leaving them to float unable to collect more penguins as your gorge yourself!



Game Information

Hey, that’s my fish is a 2-4 player game, we have found games tend to be short and sharp on average games last usually 15 mins though this may change depending on the number of players and how much heavy strategising is involved. 

It is recommended for players 8+ however we think it would be pretty easy for younger players to pick up as well.


Final Thoughts

Beauty in simplicity sums up Hey, that’s my fish very well, a very mild learning curve makes picking up the game easy and fantastic fun for all ages. Short and sharp turns mean games flow quickly and keep everyone engaged as they plan out their next moves. With plenty of opportunity for strategy, competitive and experienced players will want to play again and again as you can never play just one game of Hey, that’s my fish!

While not a modern classic it is easy to see why Hey, that’s my fish has been nominated for and received its fair share of awards. It’s a great gateway into modern board games for families and new players alike, easy to play and you’ll never just paly one game!

Alex Niven
"OG Gamez Knight"

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