5-Minute Dungeon

5-Minute Dungeon

The grate slams shut behind your party of adventures as you enter the first hall of the dungeon, you are trapped, time is against you, there is only one way to go… down.

The Barbarian, Huntress, Ninja, Paladin and Wizard stand side by side, kicking in doors and fighting all varieties of minions as they throw themselves in your path.

Working together you defeat them, as you enter the largest room yet and what appears to be a baby wearing a diaper, a horned helm and wielding a bloodied greatsword wheels around on you.. This is it.. You are facing off against… the Baby Barbarian!!

The battle cry still rings in your ears to this day… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Game Play

5-Minute Dungeon is a frantic co-operative card game where players race against the clock clear floor / levels of a dungeon. There are no turns, everyone slams down the corresponding resource cards to defeat what’s behind each door… then you face the boss!!

In this box players will find 5 superbly illustrated double sided Hero Mats, 5 Boss Mats and 5 sets of Resource Cards. Everyone selects a Hero and then grabs the corresponding resources cards, each Hero Mat has 2 different heroes with different abilities on each side.

The game is a blast however you play it, but if you want to get a bit serious that starts here as there are some great synergies between the characters abilities.. Figuring out who works best with who is half the fun!

Place the first Boss Mat in the middle of the table with the required number of Door Cards with 2 Challenge Cards per player and you are ready to delve into the dungeon!!


We have found that designating a flipper is pretty handy as when cards a flying every second counts!! So the flipper does their job revealing the top card from the Door Deck, each Door Card is different and has different requirements to beat it. The party has to collectively match the symbols on the card with those in their hand to defeat it and progress to the next door!

There 5 different types of resource cards matching with each of the different Heroes, however each heroes deck will have a different combination of them so communication and hand management is key! If you get stuck… and you will.. This is where you can use your Heroes ability or Action Cards to get through the door card.

You have cleared all the door cards, now you face off with the ultimate evil… the Baby Barbarian.. If you have time…

If you manage to squeeze through in time you have but a moment to rest as you shuffle up the Door Cards, get your Resources back in order and prepare for the next level of the dungeon!! As you progress, each level gets harder with more Door Cards and tougher Bosses until you are face to face with the ultimate test.. The Dungeon Master!!

If you don't and time runs out.. Booooo!!!!! Shuffle everything back up and give it another crack!

Game Information

5-Minute Dungeon is a 2-5 player game, which scales up and down very well. My wife and I have played through in a 2 player game and been as successful as when we have played with a group of 5. Though the more the merrier for sure.

While it is recommended as 8+ I definitely think if you take the timed element out of it and just play through it at your own pace younger Heroes could easily grasp it. At its core the game is about colour / symbol recognition and teamwork / collaboration, which is fantastic to develop with kids!

As the title implies rounds last for the most part around 5 minutes, there are some Action Cards that allow you to pause the timer which can push a round out to 6-7 minutes. If you are successful in every round you are looking at about 25 minutes total play time to get through all the levels. However I’d recommend taking a short break between levels as it can get tense!!

Final Thoughts

Oh My Dungeon! I tried this game out at PAX Melbourne with some friends a couple of years around in the board game free play and picked it up immediately. It is an absolute blast.

With only a 4 page rule book it is super easy to pick up and with a simple setup its quick to get into a game. 

For all its simplicity 5-Minute Dungeon ramps up very quickly, as the timer winds down and things get more frantic people start to throw cards around like ninja stars trying to get through to the end quicker!

You can totally use your phone timer to time each round, but the team at Spinmaster have put out a free app (5MD Timer) which will count it down for you.. (available on the app store etc) It has a number of different voices that will keep you on edge for the entire time!

Failure is a very real possibility but don't let it get you down, we have failed as many times as we have succeeded! The fun is dusting yourself off, rallying your friends and diving back in! 

I could ramble on about this game for ages, its one of our favourites. Great for people who haven't played many board games, and seriously intense for those groups who have!

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